What we are offering is more than just a service. We view travel requirements as an essential part of any executive infrastructure. We strive at optimizing the travelers time, understanding that managing the movement of client’s time effectively is an essential part of any corporation’s operating strategy.
"Biletekon.com" is a trade mark of OLCARTOUR which provide you with travel services that is fast, friendly and efficient. For your benefit we have at your disposal travel expertise acquired through decades of experience. Such expertise that understands the logistical complexity and risks associated with the movement of passengers in a closely interwoven global network of travel operations. We are therefore in a position to guarantee you and your organization unrivaled services in any travel related requirements.
Our motto is never leave you stranded, no matter where and which travel predicament you might find yourself.  Help is just a telephone call away! We take the hassle out of any of your business or leisure travel requirements by rendering a comprehensive travel service.